Legal Services for Farmers

David Mills represents farmers faced with losing their homes and family farms, and the issues related to farm management. Having grown up on a family tobacco farm and having represented farmers for over two decades, he understands what farmers go through, and understands their unique financial challenges.

Chapter 12 bankruptcy has been and remains an effective way to help farmers restructure their farming operations, reduce or eliminate debt, and concentrate on returning the farm to profitability and preserving the farm for generations to come.

David also assists eastern North Carolina farmers with the following matters:

  • Crop insurance claims
  • FSA disputes
  • Litigation with produce brokers and chemical providers
  • Subpoenas to testify

If you are a North Carolina farmer facing a challenging time or potential legal matter, reach out to David Mills at 919-934-7235.

Farm Financial Awareness: Understanding Your Farm’s Finances

By David Mills | December 3, 2018

When looking at your farm’s finances, it is important to face critical business decisions head on before you discover there is not enough money to cover operating expenses. You need to determine which crops to grow, or which livestock enterprises to enter. You need to have a plan to market your crops. You need to […]

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David Mills is designated by federal law as a debt relief agent because he helps people file for bankruptcy.

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