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A Lawyer For Your Growing Business

As a small business owner himself, Mr. Mills personally understands every decision a business owner makes and how they can have a lasting impact on the success and vitality of the business. 

At Narron Wenzel, P.A. we handle a wide range of business-related issues ranging from start-up to dissolution. In both good and challenging economic times, it is vital that entrepreneurs fully understand their duties and obligations as business owners.  

Every business, large or small, will encounter legal matters such as taxes, contracts and liability. An experience business law attorney can help your business:

  • Choose a legal structure, such as a partnership, LLC or corporation
  • Hire employees in compliance with state employment laws
  • Prepare, review and negotiate contracts such as leasing agreements and purchase agreements
  • Draft important corporate documents such as by-laws, operating agreements and buy-sell agreements
  • File or defend a lawsuit in state or federal court

How Can An Attorney Help My Business?

Small business owners are smart, hard working and may be able to handle a number of legal related matters on their own. However, every great business owner knows when to seek the assistance of experts.

Some issues are just too complex, too time consuming or too important to be handled without the advice of legal counsel. And while seeking help for certain tasks is advisable, businesses may also want to have an experienced attorney on retainer to help with a number of issues that may arise in the course of business.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs successfully navigate legal matters affecting their business, while also protecting their business for years to come.

Why Choose Narron Wenzel, P.A. For My Business?

Today, there is no shortage of resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. The truth is that nothing can beat having an experienced attorney that understands your business, industry and market.

At Narron Wenzel, P.A., we have been helping local businesses in Eastern North Carolina for over 20 years. If you have a business, or are thinking about starting one, contact us today to learn how partnering with Narron Wenzel, P.A. can help your growing business.

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