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Ground-Level Municipal Law Experience

We leverage our experience and civic involvement tp help you and your business navigate city or county rules and laws.

Municipality Law refers to the governing rules and laws pertaining to a city or county. Businesses face many issues that relate to Municipality Law. Ultimately, the requirements and needs of local governments is diverse and often complex. There could be dealings with involuntary property transfers or condemnation, property taxes, violations of city ordinances, or contested real estate transactions.

Narron Wenzel, P.A. leverages the experience of founding attorney David Mills to assist in all these areas and more.  David's longevity in Johnston County and commitment to service in the community benefits the business owners he represents. David is or has been active in leadership roles with organizations including the Johnston Health Foundation, the Downtown Smithfield Development Corporation, and the Smithfield-Selma Area Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Land Use and Permits

Land Use law incorporates issues such as use of your land by someone other than you as a business owner. These can include crossing into easements, addressing permissions, encountering eminent domain, as well as trespassing, and various types of zoning. David Mills assists developers with zoning and permitting issues, including representation before the Board of Adjustments.

Land Division

In real estate transactions, the division of land often becomes an issue in need of legal representation. In cases where land is managed by one owner and remains zoned for commercial use, yet your business only requires a fraction of the land, our firm can mitigate the paperwork and negotiations necessary to get the best resolution. David Mills even works with the Planning Department on land division issues, including appeals to the Smithfield Planning Board.

County Boards

County Boards handle an influx of requests on a regular basis. Getting tied up in chaos is not only likely, but probably the last thing your business needs when trying to open or keep open its doors in a stress-free manner. David Mills provides representation before county boards, including the Board of Commissioners. This can be in regard to property taxes and acquiring business licenses, as well as additional zoning issues as they relate to county property.

Ordinance Violations

Ordinances are set by cities and counties (municipalities) as a way of managing business activity within certain boundaries. Sometimes the laws and rules are not clear to business owners and can result in violations. Whether starting a new business venture or trying to keep a business running, David Mills assists in assessing potential ordinance violations, as well as responding to a citation for a violation.


Eminent Domain means the government can take private property for public use, or condemn it for violating ordinances. However, getting appropriate compensation upon acquisition often requires intervention from a legal representative. If you feel you have not received what you are due for your property, then know that David Mills assists land owners whose land has been condemned for public use without receipt of just compensation.

Next Steps For Your Business

If you or your business needs assistance navigating local government issues in Johnston County, call Narron Wenzel, P.A. at (919) 934-0049 for your free consultation today.

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